30 January 2012

Sweet Logger's Perfume

Today was Sonja's turn to remain indoors. Taking my freedom, the dog and I walked a wet river trail. It was sort of depressing but our spirits were buoyed by spring's faint timber wolf howl to us in the distance.

Stopped at the local standardbred track after our walk and made my bets long before the first race began. Found out later I did ok. Few favourites and a mid-price shot adding up to a 25% profit. I was lucky. I know better than to play the standardbreds when the track is so wet the day's proceedings would eventually have to be halted for a short while to maintain the questionable race surface.

Back home I watched the NHL all-star game. It was a hopeless affair as usual. Why I keep watching it is anybody's guess. I have watched more than four dozen such exhibitions. Predictably, the team with the Canucks on it lost.

Later I switched channels to watch the USA-Canada women's soccer match. After the USA had scored their third goal I took the dog out. I had not noticed behind my indoor television/alcohol haze that the rain had stopped.

A smell in the air caught my attention as if all that television and liquor had turned me into a wet nosed dog. I breathed in deeply, perhaps deeper than ever before. My brain went to work on the puzzling molecules swimming in the warm air. It had rained so hard the bark of the park's hemlocks had become drenched thereby releasing their sweet logger's perfume.


Kim said...

We were gifted with some chunks of oldgrowth fir so laden with pitch that you can chip off a small chunk and it's like gasoline to start the fire. The thing is, when you have the kindling bucket all primed with this stuff, it almost makes you swoon with the heavy perfume.

Kim said...

I know it's an exclusive club beer'n'hockey, but I was wondering if you ever read my stuff?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Exclusive? There's bloody Germans on the sidebar. NDP too. May as well allow women into the clubhouse!

Jymn said...

My favourite teevee show, Drinking Made Easy, featured Flying Dog Brewery. I thought man that beer must be good to have Steadman doing the artwork. I just knew seeing the label my favourite would be 'Doggie Sytle'. Good choice.