22 February 2012

Monday Night Rock Show

Me and several thousand of my long hair friends attended last night's Gigantour stop in Steepleton. I do not get out to that many rock shows any more but I am glad I still get out to some. I am not dead yet, motherfuckers.

There are a lot of loudmouth cheapskates in this town who have been crying about the cost of the arena where the show was staged and the sweetheart deal the city signed to get an AHL team to move here and be its anchor tenant. Fuck them. I like being able to watch a rock show or a hockey game minutes from home. And if you do not think I will be in the audience for every lingerie football game that gets played here you do not know Mr. Beer N. Hockey.

Sonja and I began last night (where else?) at the pub across from the arena.

"Sure weird going out drinking on a Monday night," Sonja remarked to me after we had clinked glasses, toasting Lemmy's health as we did so.

Monday night has not been a drinking night for me since Howard Cosell was canned and I stopped watching Monday Night Football.

"Kind of nice, isn't it?" I said as I looked over the menu. "Feels like we are on fucking holidays."

The food, drinks and service were excellent and the pub was playing heavy metal music to warm up the crowd for the evening's festivities. Done, we headed over to the arena where we had to stand in line to be searched for so long that was where we heard Lacuna Coil's set from. The wait was worth it when I got felt all over by a good looking female mall cop. She did not find anything.

Volbeat were good. Motorhead were better. We had to leave before Megadeth bored us to death.

I have now seen both KISS and Motorhead in my still somewhat backward little juiced up farm town. Never counted on that when I moved here.


Anonymous said...

Wow ... coincidence?

I just spent 1 hour watching a Hawkwind doco on Youtube ... Lemmy was hilarious as he explained that no one else could sing the high notes of Silver Machine, and he had just joined so he was the last to be asked to sing it.

Of course it was their best-selling single, No.3 in Britain, and he got his picture on the cover of NME -- without the band.

Then 5 years later on a U.S. tour they left him somewhere outside a truck stop in Michigan, he went to take some pictures and got beat up and camera stolen. So he hitches to the gig, high on acid of course. "When I got there it was a convention of cripples."

That's the same tour where he got busted going into Canada carrying speed. Two days in jail, then straight to the gig in Toronto!

Apparently the manager asked if Lemmy would be going to court, the answer, "No, in Canada speed is considered a pure food!"

And after that gig he was fired.

- Jonku

We all know what happened next, he took the song and made it into a band. "Ain't felt this good for an hour!"

Hope they did Eat the Rich too. "Eat Greek, or eat Chinese!"

Got to be the funniest most honest guy in rock.

RossK said...


I come by to read a Mr. Beer review, which was good, only to find it is upstaged by old buddy Jonku in the threads who wasn't even at the show.

Man, me loves the internets.

(btw - the spamprotector couplet is dumber, and even more boring than megadeth - guess I better leave now)

Anonymous said...