20 February 2012

Bloodied, Unbowed and Blue

Buddy Guy's new record, "Living Proof," is well worth buying if you are a blues motherfucker, like I am sometimes, or thinking a blues motherfucker is something you just might want to be. Listened to it all by itself after Sonja told me it sounded good. I concurred. Put it in the cd player with three heavy metal records and DOA's "Black Spot" and it did not sound out of place as it shuffled into the rotation.

Used to be it was another kind of blues that wound my clock. Now only the real thing will do.

Heavy metal? Guess I have never got both feet off that dirty train. The "Detroit, Rock City" and "Airhead" soundtracks and "We Are Motorhead" if you would like to know.

Finally watched the dvd release of "Bloodied But Unbowed" as well. New and improved from the release the Knowledge Network broadcast a year or so ago. As rock documentaries go I would have to say it is the best motherfucker of its kind.

Fucking buy it.

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