23 February 2012

Hawkwind Sky

After I walked the dog under the hawkwind sky I came home and Sonja and I watched the news and ate our dinner.

"Those Iranians are going to get nuked. They are the next Japanese except I think they might get it worse."

That was me. Predicting which countries and going to get nuked is not something I am real good at. The most political Sonja gets is calling Harper an asshole.

We kept on at our dinner. Homemade chili, toast from homemade bread. Tasted real good with a rye and ginger. Somebody nukes me, the explosion will both be much greater than expected and also smell much worse.

Now I am tired. Ought to be. Work, gym, watching the assholes cheer the B.C. "Fuck The People Budget." Watching the people who represent the people getting fucked good fume. Fuck the governmet is what I say.  I do not remember the government electing someone who looks he would pay money out of his own pocket to have lunch with Hitler. They elected Twinkletoes who, for the moment at least, is nothing more than a puppet leader for the fuck the people crowd.

After that I read about 100 interviews with Lemmy. He is the same pinball playing in the back of the pub cunt he was back in the '60s. Sure was good to see him still rocking the other night. Hope he is still alive for the nuking of Iran. Not much chance he will be touring there. The Muslim loon world are not down with Motorhead.


kootcoot said...

"The most political Sonja gets is calling Harper an asshole."

Sonja may not be that political, but she certainly has the right idea!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

That she does.

bewlay said...

A diversion might be just the ticket as the world falls down.
Think I'll watch my Lemmy dvd again this weekend. The fine print says it's 49% motherfucker and 51%son of a bitch, you might like it?

Allright I'm off to Pussy le Queer to finish up my daily blog travels, have a good one.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I have been recommended repeatedly to watch the Lemmy dvd in the past week. Guess I am going to have to do just that. I have his autobiography on order - a book I should have read years ago.