24 February 2012

Beer's Budget Analysis Summary

What a fucking government does and does not do includes one fuck of a lot of shit. The motherfuckers have wormed their way into every orifice of life and created new ones when ever an opportunity presents itself. There is, however, one thing the government does that I hear talked about far, far more than all the other things they do and do not do: provide health care.

Over the past many years I have heard about how our fucking provincial government has failed to provide health care. You, even if you are, or were, a supporter of the present party in charge of our province, are all familiar with their failings in this most important area.

It all adds up to three too bads.

Too bad the new budget does nothing to improve the situation. Too bad the situation looks like it is going to get worse. Too bad the government does not give a shit about you.

Do not get sick - it might turn you into a fucking socialist, like me.

1 comment:

Kim said...

It's too late for me I'm afraid, Beer.