23 January 2012

Wheels of Death

Now it has warmed up a bit it is slushy and shitty outside. Neither Sonja, my dog or I like that so we spent the day indoors only allowing the dog out to piss and shit occasionally.

Sonja made soup. I made spaghetti sauce. Soon after I turned on the television. American football was on.

"Why are you watching this shit?" Sonja asked during the first game. A sensible question. "You hate this boring American crap."

I do. I had no answer. Well I did but I was not going to say I was watching it to prevent her from watching her Sunday afternoon woman movies. You know the ones I am talking about. Jennifer Anniston is in half the fucking things. Comedy romance.

Was a time you could count on a good old biker movie being on television on a Sunday afternoon. Somebody really needs to make some good new biker movies. No comedy, just fucking, no romance.

Fell asleep during the first game. Sonja did not notice or she would have changed the channel on me. The second game was a little better. I stayed awake.

Sonja took a bath. The dog got up on the couch and lay on Sonja's blanket. I let her stay up there. She looked at me, then she fell asleep. I took her picture. Later I showed it to Sonja.

"She's not allowed up there," Sonja reminded me.

"Hammer," I told my dog who looked at me with great understanding. "Stay off the fucking couch."   

What a waste of a fucking day. Life's so short I hate to do that but it happens. Could be worse I suppose. At least I did not waste Saturday afternoon watching the fucking Canucks.

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