25 January 2012

Into the Future

Took a flying leap into the future today. A flying leap into the 1980s. Got myself my first cd player that plays more than one cd at a time. A Sony. Used. Best looking one on the thrift store shelf. Hard to say just how old the fucking thing is. It is a little smaller than a suitcase but not by much if that is any guide.

Cost me $25. More than I really wanted to pay since I figured if I could buy a new one I could surely pick one up for less than $50. Nobody seems to be selling new cd players any more.

When I got home I had to hunt around to find where I had put my old cables so I could hook it up to the stereo. They were in a box of old shit in one of my house's darkest creepiest corners.

As I was hooking it up Sonja came home. I was in behind the stereo, my hands tangled in wires, when she asked, "What the fuck are you doing back there?"

"Get me a fucking beer and I'll tell you," I guffed her back.

Got it wired up and turned on the power. Lit up like a nuclear reactor's control panel. Picked five cds from the cd shelf real quick. Leonard Cohen, Ted Nugent, KISS, Vibrators and Willie Nelson. Jews, rednecks and outlaws - my kind of motherfuckers.

Hit shuffle. Cohen was first up, then KISS, Ted, Knox and Willie. Fucking old piece of crap sounds excellent.

Now all I need is a good 8-track player.

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Jymn said...

What you really need is is 78 player. No worries about jitter, bit rate and the like. Just scratches and pops, the sounds of the industrial revolution going wrong.