23 January 2012

Big Dog Next Door

When I began writing here six years ago I did not anticipate writing poetry. I had not written any for decades. I am glad I do however. Being a poet is like being a plumber in the early days of indoor plumbing, an occupation for the 1%.

Poetry's form seems particularly well adapted to this media. A poet would have to write a very long, very bad one for the reader not to read it until the end.

My next door neighbour
Has a big dog
My dog
Likes to play with

The dog is
Big and dumb
And smells real bad
Just like its master

They look at each other
Through the fence
Sniff noses
And dance their dances

Sometimes they bark
Sometimes they howl
They wag their tails
And act like politicians


Kim said...

Lol. Dogs are honest. I have never been lied to by a dog, have you?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Dogs are generally honest but not perfectly so. Dogs' dishonesty expresses itself as deviousness. The Hammer, for instance, will pretend she has not been fed if there is a chance she might get fed twice.