22 January 2012

Hey! Ho! The Good Old Days Are Back Again!

I hope Santa Rosa Jon will not mind my converting his comment to my own writing about the big explosion up in Burns Lake last night into a poem. Used to be Jon wrote lots of great stuff for his own Poetry Is For Assholes. Now he prefers spending his time on Facebook trying to get laid by the corn fattened good looks gone bad high school cheerleaders of his grand American youth. I have given it the title

Hey! Ho! The Good Old Days Are Back Again!
In one year
When I was at US Steel
I think six or seven people
Got killed on the job.

I mean in my one location.

It used to be
That you at least
Made decent money
Doing dangerous work.

They expect you
To die
For chump change.

When my grandfather
Was an ironworker in
New York
Unemployed ironworkers
Would hang out at job sites
And wait for someone
To fall to his death.

Welcome to the good old days.


Kim said...

I don't know what to ay, except my condolences go out to the people of Burns Lake.

I can't wait to hear why the dayshift reported a gas leak and this accident was not avoided on the following shift.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I would think there is a foreman up there who is not sleeping soundly tonight.

Your driver said...

Shit, between you and Ross K I might have to start writing again.

I am really sorry to read about what happened at Burns Lake. My condolences.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The ukelele gods have spoken from their great volcano.

RossK said...

I think I can melodize that...Give me a few days.

(and if that doesn't get you poetizing Jon, I don't know what will)