9 January 2012

War Profiteers, Anarchists and Sherlock Holmes

Went to a movie again last night. You would think we received gift cards from a movie house. The place was packed once again. Had to stand in line to get tickets and to get popcorn. Took Sonja, Hunky and Kitty less time to snake their way to the ticket booth than it took me to get to the front of the popcorn line-up.

The room was packed by the time we had sat through the pre-movie bullshit and the new Sherlock Holmes movie began. Directed by Guy Ritchie, it is a better than average action packed movie sprinkled with what would probably pass as humour in fucking England. We all enjoyed it better than War Horse mostly because there was a plot to it slightly above that which would be comprehensible to a six year old.

Of note to me was the movie's portrayal of Anarchists as the dupes of capitalists impatient for a good war to make gunnysacks of money on. Oh yes, let's not let the world forget us Anarchists are a bunch of dumb motherfuckers looking for sadistic greedy capitalists to exploit us and help them start fucking wars.

Fuck you too Guy Ritchie. Let me guess: it was a fucking Anarchist who pulled Madonna from your bed. Motherfucker.

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Nazz Nomad said...

yeah- i suspected this: http://youtu.be/BrhA0sEkuaM