10 January 2012

Up Yours Honour Killers

A mother and uncle of a young woman who was contract killed back in India when visiting the husband her family had not chosen for her were finally arrested by the RCMP for conspiring to have their young relative killed. Fuck knows why it took the RCMP so long to get around to it. The young woman was killed like a dozen  years ago and everybody knew who was behind it all along.

Arrested her on behalf of the fucking government of India they did. Guess the RCMP figured, belatedly, rather than have their witnesses perjure themselves here in Canada and have the conspiratorial fuckers get off free as birds like the Air India suspects did they were better off to send them to India where perjurers get a good sound beating and the criminals get put in jail for a good long time or until somebody pays enough money to the right people to get them out.

That is justice, motherfuckers.

As I made my way around the mill today I encountered several groups of Punjabs who appeared to be talking over the latest neck deep puddle of mud the white man has dragged their people through. When I got close enough I could hear the words, "Blah, blah, blah, Fifth Estate. Blah, blah, blah. Fifth Estate, blah, blah, blah. Blah." No one volunteered to say anything in English about it and I did not fucking ask. Fuck them and their Old Motherfucking World ways.

Was a time a couple decades back people around here were beginning to think all the people from India who had settled around Dope City were not so bad after all, if only they would take driving lessons. Now, what with the gang bullshit, the honour killings and the political fixing a lot of people are having second thoughts.

This is Canada, motherfuckers. We do not kill our children when they fuck people we do not approve of.


Jymn said...

Fucking religion. Root of all evil.

istvan said...

Jimn can you imagine any one of the republican candidates with their finger on the button?The yank my doodles have to be crazy to believe that they will be born again.Bible bulshit.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Square root.

istvan said...