8 January 2012

1970 Again

From Christmas on I watch hockey, sometimes whole games of it, like I did today as the Canucks took on the team that gave Dope City reason to riot last spring. It was like game eight of the Stanley Cup Finals except this time the Canucks were healthier and The Bum was on the bench watching a fucking American fill his spot in front of the hemp hut.

Watched the game in my pyjamas, a blanket warming my cold feet. Sonja brought me beers and toast. There was fighting, high-sticking, a line brawl. A rookie Canuck, Cody Hodgson, who few still believed in, took centre stage with the game winning goal and an assist in the victory.

The fucking Swedes winning the world junior championship a distant memory. It was like it was 1970 again.


Jymn said...

Cody Hodgson is the man. I first noticed him during the 2009 junior worlds. I knew he sees the ice real well and passes like a surgeon but where did that shot come from? Too bad he's only playing 12 mins per game. His talent needs more time. Good to see him on the PP with the Sedins.

The game today was good but I liked the fights more. Does that make me a bad man?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Being a Canuck fan will turn anybody bad.