8 January 2012

Know Your Product

I heard Bruce Allen, manager of Anne Murray's golf schedule, commenting about how rock 'n' roll product is not moving like it once did. No shit Bruce. It is not a rockin' free world we are living in any more. This is twenty-fucking-twelve. It is a disco pussy motherfucking world we have got now. Disco pussy motherfuckers with guns.

You want to make fast money being a manager like Allen did in the '70s and 80s? Get yourself a job managing some disco pussy or a fucking bomb factory.


istvan said...

Not a lot of rockin these days.Mostly this sugar shit.I wonder if mst radio is like mst press,with an agenda.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The Sugar Shit Sun and Sugar Shit - FM could well be the most appropriately named newspaper and radio station in this old logging town.