7 January 2012

Helter Skelter

When I was a young lad, when I was not dreaming of winning the Stanley Cup or the Grey Cup, I dreamed I would one day be a mountaineer.  (There were still unclimbed mountains in those days. Now it has all been done.) I never did any of that shit. I did, however, get to add the Mount Everest Web Camera, to my sidebar list of Fellow Motherfuckers.

It is so fucking cool.

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motorcycleguy said...

You could still do it...if it is taken from where I think, it is just a long walk on a trail...Hammer would like it as long as he isn't spooked by yak bells. Or yaks aren't spooked by him. Just go slow on the uphill parts. There's a photo on my wall that looks identical to the one you posted. No shit. Sure looks like same colours and all..same blowing snow...is it of Everest from the top of Kala Patar?...except for me blocking the shot in a Cariboo Motorcycles t-shirt having a jag from the tiny bottle of Crown Royal my buddy gave me to carry from here...its the same. I was a bit younger then, but not that much..yeah, it had been done before..and it didn't involve any technical stuff to get far enough to see those views...you could do it. Beer was too heavy to carry though.