22 January 2012

Rest In Peace

I am an industrial worker. Union one. Damn fucking proud of it. Could well be you live in a house constructed in part with forest products that have passed through my hands at some point in the last several decades. Probably there are some other wood products in your house. A non-conductive spruce ladder. A Quebecois fine grain cedar sound board guitar.

My fellow organized industrial workers are much the same as I. About the only difference is I can string a few words together better than most of them. Couple of them died by the sounds of it yesterday in Burns Lake. Couple Steelworker brothers. From what I know about serious burns a couple more may soon join them.

What the fuck else can I say?

Absolutely nothing.

Say it again.

Work is a motherfucking war.   


Anonymous said...

Have to agree with you. And a fucking long war.

Jon said...

In one year when I was at US Steel I think six or seven people got killed on the job. I mean in my one location. It used to be that you at least made decent money doing dangerous work. Nowadays they expect you to die for chump change. When my grandfather was an iron worker in New York unemployed iron workers would hang out at job sites and wait for someone to fall to his death. Welcome to the good old days.

KenC said...

While I'm not completely sure of it I don't think Babine FP was a unionized plant.

It will be long war and right now it's one unionized workers are losing big time. It's time to quite fucking around and start seriously fighting back.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

It is a union plant and people are fucking angry alright. There is a lot of anger all over these days. When that anger gets converted into energy, into fighting back, it often gets results. Trouble is when sawmills burn down these days they rarely get rebuilt. In this case, however, if the American majority owners do not agree to rebuild I think the minority ownership group, basically the local native community, ought to be able to find another partner and do so.