21 January 2012

Gimme Gimme Some Truth

I am not exposed, directly, to many of the grander sickening aspects of modern life. Few of us are. Working for a living keeps our eyes averted from the big fucking picture. One of my biggest regrets in life was when I did not speak up when I once witnessed just such a modern clusterfuck in person.

It was several years ago. I forget the year exactly but it was somewhere near the middle of Gordon Campbell's time as the crooked motherfucking do anything for every corporate criminal and parasite in town Premier of our province.

Sonja and I were on our way into BC Place (now known as Every Corporate Criminal and Parasite Place) when we saw Campbell being interviewed outside his stadium office. He was surrounded by reporters and their television cameras and they were sucking his motherfucking dick like the very oxygen their life depended on came out of it.

I slowed, just about to a stop, and Sonja, wisely I guess, grabbed my jacket sleeve and moved me on. Sonja, to her credit, has endured my willingness to create a scene all too often. She was not up for it and maybe I was not either. It was still so early in the day I had not had a beer yet. Let's just say the entire confrontation would have been the most expletive deleted piece of television news in history. Trouble is, my ire would have been entirely misdirected. Politicians will be fucking people until the Air India bombing investigation is complete. What is inexcusable is a fifth estate that will not or cannot keep to its task of asking hard questions, often.

But it would not have made the least bit of difference. Campbell would have continued fucking everybody until, at last, people got wise to his pornographic people fucking act many years later. Nowadays only our Conservative Prime Minister and the people of England continue to be entertained by his high school cheerleader corporate porn star bullshit.  

The media, every dick sucking one of them, does not want Mr. Beer N. Hockey on their dick sucking team. I am using my name metaphorically here. The media, every dick sucking one of them, does not want Mr. Beer N. Hockey on their dick sucking campaign bus.

I guess that is why I call the wee bit of electronic space you are reading here a Free Press. I think a free press is important. Too bad the very concept of such a thing as a free press is fucking near historical as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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mollymew said...

If you ever do get invited on the bus Beer be sure to puke on the most expensive suit in the vehicle.