21 January 2012

On Fridays I Enjoy A Beer Or Two

After I had walked the Hammer in the freezing rain I fed her, got out of all my work clothes except my long johns, got myself a fucking beer, arranged the couch pillows just so and laid there still as a lake frozen, yet not frozen enough to skate on. I had gone into work after all - about three hours late. Safety first.

All comfy now, I flipped the pages of the local newspapers as I drained the magic brown bottle. The only good news - yet another dead Hindoo gangster. Pretty soon they will all be dead.

I cannot fucking wait.

The Hammer looked out the window as the first molecules of alcohol seeped into my bloodstream. She was waiting for Sonja to join us for the motherfucking weekend.

As I emptied my bottle I let out a fart so loud the Hammer jumped. She did not turn around or anything. She knew who did it. Did not jump that high or anything. Maybe an inch or two.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Lol. Dogs can be trusted.