6 January 2012

Home Early For Hockey

Sonja got home early today.

"Why isn't the hockey game on?" she hollered from the still open door as the Hammer ran to greet her.

"What fucking hockey game?" I asked incredulously. Been a while since Sonja asked why a hockey game is not on tv. A thousand years. Maybe more.

"Sweden-Russia asshole," she reminded me. The gold medal game of the world junior championship from Motherfucking, Alberta.

She turned it on just in time to see the opening face-off.

Wicked game.

Good thing the Swedes won. I hate the fucking Russians.


JottEff said...

Was wondering if you like the Hanson Brothers at all, meaning the NoMeansNo spin-off. All about beer and hockey, even from Canada. Any thoughts?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Have seen No Means No a time or three over the years, their hockey savage alter egos at least a few times and Mr. Wrong a couple times as well. Victoria. Dope City's little sister, can out-rock, out-drink and duke it out harder than just about any town you can name.

JottEff said...

Saw NMN once on the Roskilde Fesival in Denmark and they were amazing. Missed the Hansons in Germany couple of years back which was a bummer!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Most memorable NMN moments? Pretty sure the Hansons were on the support bill when DOA reformed and played Dope City in the early/mid '90s. Mr. Wrong also was on the support bill when DOA played an outdoor show in 69 Mile House around about that time as well.

The motherfuckers should have their own brewery.