5 January 2012

Without A Net

I do not download music. Do not often watch videos on my computer either although a few recent ones I have watched, Arcade Fire and Neil Young, Anti-Nowhere League and Lou Reed and Metallica make me wonder if wasting a little more time doing so might entertain me a little more than I am already entertained.

I listen to my music in stereo.

I listen to WDVX-FM.

I do not own a portable mp3 player. I do not listen to music I could store in my phone. I suppose I am an old fashioned motherfucker.

Out of date.

Out to lunch.

Out of touch.

Out of line.

Out of luck.

Out of it.

I buy new and used cds, new and used records, used cassettes and the occasional old 8-track. I could use a good quality 8-track player. I could also use a good quality cd player. I see used cd players for sale all the time but I am not sure which the best one to buy is. I play my cds, one at a time, on my dvd player.

I have two new additions to my music library. One is the Grateful Dead's "Without A Net" two cassette set. I never quite got the Dead though I really like all the country shit Jerry Garcia has contributed to that I have added to my collection over the years. The two cassettes are ok in a boring hippy sort of way. Almost fell asleep as I was listening to them. Just like any Zappa lp they are worth listening to for the guitar freak outs I guess.

The other addition is an old Emmy Lou Harris record. I am not going to listen to that yet. I will save it for the weekend. Save it for the weekend when, like last weekend, I just might let my freak flag fly. 


Nazz Nomad said...

I had to stop in a mall today because I had to take a really wicked piss (I was doing my Willy Loman shtick). After pissing, I was walking out and passed one of those "Spencer Gifts" shops- the ones with black lites and pg "sex toys" and t shirts and crap. A new era head shop, without the dope accessories.
There, in the clearance rack was a t shirt with 3 pictures in black and white of Jerry Garcia circa 1973- The text on the shirt said "legalize it"- i suppose that in this sad millennium, Peter Tosh songs transfer to The Grateful Dead since it's all weed related.
I hate malls.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

My favourite stores when I was a teenage burnout were the head shops. They outnumbered fucking McDonalds franchises in those days. We even had one in the local mall. The nitrous kits were the best.

Jymn said...

Haven't listened to much lately other than the Pagliaro box set. Grateful Dead? Love the PigPen era. The rest is OK but nothing I'd buy. Spencer Gifts - didn't know they're still around!

KenC said...

If you've got a phone you carry with you you're not an old fashioned motherfucker. Throw the fucking thing in the lake next time you're walking the dog.

motorcycleguy said...

Just bought some vinyl in the 7.00 to 15.00 range...all of them in real good shape..Uriah Heep Demons and Wizards, 10cc Bloody Tourists, Ian Hunter You're Never Alone with a Schizophrenic and a couple of Monkees to round things off...see if you can find an old Mission
Cyrus CD player, mine was good value at the time and it still works fine..yes, plays one at a time...I already had Ballad of Sally Rose and a few Lou Reed on vinyl

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I tried throwing my in the lake. Motherfucking phones have got so smart it jumped back out.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I feel ripped off when I buy an old record for more than a dollar. Can't go wrong with dusty Uriah Heep and Ian Hunter records. Sure wish Hunter would do a show around my town.