15 January 2012

El Niquel

Was taken unsteadily down memory lane by a Christmas gift opened but unseen until last night. It was a dvd recounting Tom Waits' early career Sonja gave me which had been leaning hobo patient against a pile of recently played albums. Waiting for a cold winter night empty of entertainment.

I first heard Waits on an old Co-op Radio programme called "John's Wild Years" as I recall. That would have been somewhere around the middle of the '80s. Around about the time I began to broaden the scope of the music I enjoyed beyond Deep Purple and DOA. John, or whatever the fuck his name was, I did not know him, had a great radio show. A rare treat, then as now.

Soon thereafter I must have begun buying Waits' records until I had them all. Loved the Kerouac/Bukowski free drunken motherfucker sound of each and every one of them.

Do not remember seeing Waits on television until maybe '88. He sang "The Nickel" on Letterman's show. Jesus Fucking Christ never grasped human suffering, make that men suffering, as Waits grasped it then.


JottEff said...

Komme nie zu spät!


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I do not add links of any sort to what I write here. That would cut into my beer drinking, dog walking and snow shovelling time. I do appreciate when, every once in a while, someone does the job for me. It is like owning slaves.