16 January 2012

News Hour Dull Sports Franchise Names of Canada

There are some things I will never understand. Like why Dope City's NHL team has been named the Canucks since before I was born. Why not the Villains? Or how about the Hot Rods? The only good Canadian sports team name I can think of is the Murder Squad.

In fact, all the Canadian NHL teams have boring names. Same goes for just about any other sports team in this country. Seems like we figure we are doing pretty good at naming teams if we do not call another one Rough Riders. Canadians are good at a lot of shit. Some might say we are good at everything. Too bad we let the fucking JWs name all our sports teams.


Jymn said...

One can never have enough Rough Riders. I hope Ottawa regains its rightful football name. What else do American comics have to joke about?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

You would think by now the Americans would have had at least two Johnsons on the same presidential ballot.

befastpast said...

I see the BC Sports Hall of Fame is inducting the 1945/46 Vancouver Canucks this year. I'll reserve comment on that but I do like that Bowling Green team a lot now.