13 December 2011

Green Beer

You know what
The weirdest thing
About my holidays
In Mexico is?

People recognize me
From year to year.

Some of the people
Are not even bartenders.

Some of the people
Are not even police.

"If you laid off
The absinthe
Maybe we wouldn't."


mollymew said...

Can you get honest to Christ absinthe in Mexico ? Sounds like a civilized country.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I have seen litre bottles of Czech absinthe for sale in stores on this trip for about $50. The pub around the corner from my hotel sells French low thujone 55% Absente for about $5 a shot. Enough thujone for me thanks and it is the best tasting, easiest to shoot absinthe I have yet to try. Have not found the Mexican made Green Fairy absinthe here on the east coast. It too is tasty and surpisingly shootable at the 55% alcohol level and is apparently available in much, much higher potencies. I say surprisingly shootable because I cannot shoot cask strength scotch.

I would never drive to Mexico, the first 40 miles of Mexican territory makes the wild, wild west of old look like an Anne Murray Christmas Special. I hear Chiapas is the most civilised region of North America but have yet to visit there.