12 December 2011

Bar Stool in a Dusty Cantina

I am trying not to think too much about Christmas like usual. Pretty fucking easy to do when you have just dipped your toes into the open bar available to me until Christmas Eve here in Mexico, before the real back home Canadian Christmas drinking begins.

A tequila and soda was thrust into my hand, a glass of red into Sonja's, before we had even checked into our hotel. As returning guests we were given a better room with a better view, this time equipped with four upside down bottles of hard shit, two of which I drink.

Around the corner, just out of sight, a bar stool awaits me in a dusty cantina where they keep their bottles lined up alphabetically on glass shelves behind the bar.

A is for absinthe, motherfuckers.


Jymn Parrett said...

Have a Cerveza for me, Senor. I'll leave the Absinthe to you.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I have tried several times over the years to get people to drink absinthe with me in Mexico, where people will drink just about anything, no dice thus far.

Jymn Parrett said...

I've always associated Mexico with beer. Vancouver is ideal for Absinthe. Will pick up a bottle tomorrow. Your influence is pernicious, Mr. B&H. Thank you.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Some say Dope City was less evil before I was born to lose in it. Get a bottle of the Okanagan distilled Taboo. That is the best the LCB has made available to us Lions fans so far. It can be drank straight up, cerveza chaser, something I would not recommend with its 70% European cousins.

Jymn Parrett said...

Drinking it straight with a Heffe Weise chaser. Thanks for the recommendation. Now, this is what I call drinking. (The first gulp gave me hiccups!)

RossK said...

More evil is taking a two week holiday before the real holidays begin.

Evil genius that is.