17 November 2011


Much has been made of the leadershipless nature of the Occupy Movement. I do not believe the Occupy Movement is leadershipless for a second but let's leave that aside. Let's address what people think, rather than what is.

Here in Dope City the apparent lack of leadership within the Movement has created a certain amount of chaos. I assume that this was the intent of the hidden leadership of the Movement here in Dope City. Chaos is often, if not always, an antecedent of change. People rightly fear chaos but most any old order has to be scrambled before a new order takes its place. There are many present day examples of this including, possibly, our own, where the chaos may have only just begun.

I prefer leaders. There have been many, many notable Anarchist leaders in the two centuries since modern Anarchism began to challenge fucking governments and their gestapo bullshit. Anarchy is order. Generally speaking the main thing we would like to see changed about leaders is the ability to get them the fuck out of there should we prefer a new leader to take over or if we are otherwise displeased with their performance. Easy, low threshold recall. Every democratic institution should have this as a feature. Why should a couple hundred thousand people have to get killed to recall a leader like what happened in Libya? And I doubt they will Constutionally institute easy recall of politicians to prevent similar mass killing in the future. Motherfucking politicians all think they are God and no one takes out God but the Devil.

I still do not see why Gordon Campbell resigned. Under our present system, if I was at 9% in the polls, I would go around giving everybody the finger the way Trudeau used to. Trudeau knew shit. "Fuck you, man. You're the assholes that voted for me or didn't vote for me. I don't really give a shit one way or the other."

Under the present system, if I were 9% in the polls, I would name the new Port Mann Bridge the Mr. Beer N. Hockey Bridge and I would tell everybody to forget their fastbus lanes, those lanes are reserved for drunk drivers and rush delivies of politicians to Trash Creek.

Get the point? Most all the world's present systems are disorderly as fuck. We need new leaders, new leaders we can easily replace, because sooner or later they will fuck up, that is human nature, and we will want to bring in someone else until they fuck up too. Waiting four or five years to plant your size 13 on their ass is too long. 

Look at Christy Clark as an example. When she first got elected leader everybody thought she was great. A few months later everybody wants to throw her and her fucking Canuck uniforms in the back of one of those highway trucks that bring our crap up to Trash Creek.

The people are not always right but we recognize when we have voted in the wrong motherfucker pretty quick, we just do not have the mechanisms in place to kick them out fast enough. And I will tell you something else, Christy Clark's eyes tell me she wants to start giving everybody the finger real soon. So far she is only fingering you with her eyes.


B C Mary said...


Interesting date you chose for that editorial.

Today is the 126th anniversary of the hanging of the best damn rebellion leader Canada ever had:

Louis Riel. 1885. Regina Barracks.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

That just might be the reason Occupy is presenting itself as leadershipless. Big Bill Haywood, pictured above, never got hung but he did spend some significant time as a guest of the American prison system.