16 November 2011

Old Neighbour In the Pub

Saw an old neighbour in the pub after work. We have less to talk about now that we are not neighbours.

"I see your hockey team still sucks ass," he said.

"I see yours still wants its own fucking country," I shot back.

"How's the forest industry going," he asked.

"If it went any slower it would be the perfect mirror for our fucked up world,"  I answered. "How's retirement?"

"The cheques keep being deposited in my account." He grinned his old fucking government grin when he said that. The grin that makes people go out and buy restricted firearms.

"You buying then?" I asked. He knows I know he is a cheap fucking Frenchman. Motherfuckers expect Ottawa to buy them everything. He also knows I drink like an off duty cop.

"I guess I could buy us a few as long as you lay off the frog shit."

"You're on."

Whether I like them or not, I miss all my old neighbours when they are gone.

He was a city worker before he retired. He knows everybody coming up behind him is going to get fucked over good when they reach their golden age. He pretends to give a shit, which is more than most retired people do.

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