18 November 2011

Hate and Hockey

People who know me at all well know I hate the fucking Canucks. Used to be I just did not like them very much. Now I hate the Canucks like our motherfucking Prime Minister hates people who disagree, even a little, with him. It is not the team so much, a hockey team is a hockey team, it is their fucking fans. They have no class, a bad history and they cannot hold their booze. Three time losers is what the Canucks are, if you are counting.

So when I see people these days the first thing they say is, "You must be happy," because the Canucks are stinking like that old dump on the north side of the Port Mann used to in the summer.

I am.


bewlay said...

Although I have been here in BC longer... The Jets are skating in Winnipeg, good on ya 'peggers! I could care less if they win very many.I am a hockey fan again. Fifteen years is a long time.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

That is the attitude towards sports I like. In most towns such an attitude is a good thing to have. In both Winterpiggy and Dope City it is a necessity.