7 October 2011

Waiting Room Blues

Was sitting in my
Doctor's waiting room
Reading a Maclean's
With a bunch of other

Sick motherfuckers

When the Bee Gee's
"Staying Alive" got
Played on his waiting
Room music machine

La, la, la, la, staying alive

That was when
I noticed everybody's
Feet started tapping
Except mine

La, la, la, la, staying alive

I think I know what
It feels like to want
To pull out a machine gun
And kill everyone in sight now

La, la, la, la, kill everyone


istvan said...

Don't go postal man.I have to put up with with this disco shit every day.They turn it up, they go away ,I turn it off.Fuck disco.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

This is Canada. We don't go postal, we play hockey.