8 October 2011

Fall Groove

Into the fall groove? I am. Work day done, I hit the gym. In the summer I would hit the beer. Sonja was home, the setting sun lighting up our roof like the red light behind Luongo, smoke curling from the chimney, the Hammer ready and waiting for her walk.

A couple tweens were passing through the park when my dog and I reached there. My big dog danced around and between them bringing forth giggles and a hastily sent text message to a friend unseen.

Quick Friday night dinner - bison burger for my muscles, spaghetti to soak up the whisky already burning like the world in my belly.

Feeling good now, I have sat down to watch the standardbreds race their first of the new season. Times are fast. Either the track master has done an exceptional job setting it up for opening day or he has shaved a little more off the corners making the distance the horses travel that much shorter than a true mile than it already was.

Have a bet down on a longshot in the seventh. Horse was running on sore knees late last season. Those are his only times that show up on the programme. Like I said, it is a new season, and just like life, any motherfucking thing is possible.  

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