9 October 2011

Double Double

Think all the killing
Going on in our neighbourhoods
Is beginning to get to me.

Woke with a dream
Fresh in my head
This morning.

Motherfucker shot a young gal
On her knees praying in the street
Right in front of me.

Blew a hole in her head
So big
You could see through it.

Then he went inside
A trailer court office
Killed everybody inside.

Walked out
Towards me
Cool as a rusty nail.

I was hiding
Out of sight
Behind a telephone pole.

As he came by
I gave him my best shot
Right in the temple.


I took his
Machine gun
Phoned the fucking police.

Told them to come on by
And to fucking hurry
Because if the motherfucker moved...

He moved
I shot him in
The motherfucking head.

The police were
Not impressed and they
Took me to the station

Where I asked them
Where the fuck were you?
At the Tim Horton's?

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