24 October 2011

Do the Math

My greatest concern, one that has endured for a long time now, is the surveillance state. The fear of Big Brother preceded my generation, Orwell wrote 1984 half a generation before I was born to drink beer and raise Hell, the reality of Big Brother came about during my own. We were more free before the fucking government started watching us with modern technology.  I did not like Big Brother; I do not like Big Brother; Big Brother can fuck off and die forever.

What I do like, in the stubbornly free country I live in, is how people, primarily young people, have turned modern technology, the very means of Big Brother, against the very authourities who, most importantly, want us to fear them. By communicating and learning, and a ton of other shit, with technology, people, again primarly young people, have learned that Big Brother wears no clothes.

It is very important to understand this because when you do you are bound to come the same conclusion I did as a young man:

Fuck Big Brother.

That is what I was thinking when I watched a re-broadcast of David Suzuki's speech recorded on some sort of handheld device very close to where he addressed Occupy Vancouver last Saturday. The re-broadcast, itself, an end-around Big Brother, whose corporate media affiliates only broadcast the briefest of bits from the speech to their audience, to an audience still, perhaps, a bit smitten with Big Brother. He is not as ugly when you cannot picture the motherfucker naked.

Some of Big Brother's fans must be wondering why he does not crush the Occupy movement. It is a good question. Think Big Brother, despite himself, knows the young people of our one fuck of a century are right. The 99% are being screwed by the 1%. It is, as the philosophers say, self-evident. Big Brother just may have looked himself in the mirror lately and had to turn away.

The kids are alright.

Too bad Big Brother does not know how to do anything else but be Big Brother.


Nazz Nomad said...

Surveillance state???? Brother, we enable it! Blogs, twitter, facebook, 4square, tumblr, iTunes, etc... We're begging the little grey men to watch us.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Too many of us for the government to get much out of snooping on our electronic goings on. Not that they do not try. It is called wasting your tax money, the only thing government is good at. Ever listen to cell phone conversations on a scanner? I swear over half of them are dope deals. The government cannot keep up with our criminality. The more they try, the more they bankrupt themselves and us.