23 October 2011

Fat Drunk Smelly Canuck Players

On my way home from Dope City yesterday I stopped on the Drive, a respectable distance from the morning's police takedown of a woman waving a machete around a park, to pick up fresh vegetables that later became part of my vegan pizza dinner. Went into the Donald's Market. Lot of those places around now. After I left I wondered if Donald's was union certified. (Does not look like it.)

My shopping done, I needed a drink. I have not been drinking before or during my visits to Occupy Dope City. After encouraging my Anarchist fellows to behave themselves there, I do not want to be the first asshole to be arrested for doing the sort of shit drunk guys sometimes do. Walked into a pub I had never visited before called Augustine's. What a fucking mistake that was.

I had forgotten the Canucks were playing a day game so the place was crawling with shitheads dressed up like fat drunk smelly Canuck players. I fucking near puked but regained my composure in time to ask the pretty bartender to pour me a big glass of cider. It was a Merridale. Felt much better after I had a few of those.

At home later, after fixing up the pizza and making cranberry/raspberry muffins, to keep Sonja happy after I was out having fun in the motherfucking Revolution all day, I scanned the internet to see how the Occupation of the world was doing. Violent Nazi police takedowns in some places; exponential growth in others.

One fuck of a century we are living in.

I am liking it more and more.

It is like a new girlfriend you have only gotten to first base with.

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