25 October 2011

Public Meeting

I was not going to write about this because it seemed pretty boring but here goes anyhow. I went to one of the public meetings my little city is putting on to try and convince its citizens we should vote in favour of the PCF (Public/Corporate/Fuckfest aka P3) they want to use to expand our water system. Yes, I know, it was a boring old fart thing to do but I guess that must be what I am - every old punk rocker's greatest fear come true.

Spoke to one of my aldermen about it. I will not tell you his/her name because it does not really matter: you guessed it, I think they are all boobs. Since I am getting older I figure I ought to spend more time around politicians. Give me practice at not being taken in by a con man as happens to so many old fuckers.

I told the alderman I thought it was a dumb idea. Told him there was no such thing as free money from Ottawa to build shit. Told him I was a 99%er and that our world was over-corporatized enough already without handing over our water system to the greedy fucks.

My alderman was having none of my Anarchist bullshit. Told me it was the only way to go and not to come crying to him about my taxes going up if people like me vote their crappy plan down.

Fuck them.

Used to be we paid our motherfucking taxes, our MP arranged to get a few people some backroom blowjobs and Ottawa would send some of our tax money back to us to build a few things, usually several decades after we really needed them. What the fuck was wrong with that system?

Now instead of our MP arranging the blowjobs some corporate parasite does it, leaving our MP with nothing to do for the four or five years he or she is in Ottawa except tell us what a great job the Prime Minister is doing, if they are part of the fucking government, or what an asshole the Prime Minister is if they are not.

I am a lot of things, but rarely undecided, and after spending more than two minutes with a politician I am always happy as a Stanley Cup winner to be an Anarchist.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Beer,

The main problem with politicians is that the job at every level attracts the wrong sort of people....

I admire your fortitude in attending such a meeting.