28 September 2011

Sonic Boom Robins

I could have listened to any one of thousands of records, tapes and cds when I got home from work today. I could have even tuned in my favourite radio station - WDVX-FM from Knoxville, Tennessee. All those choices and what did I put on? KISS' "Sonic Boom."

Poured myself a whisky, played some air guitar and danced with my dog. Being a fuck up like me who does not give a shit can be pretty fucking great on a Tuesday afternoon.

Once the dog had enough of my punk rock dance moves and I needed another whisky I went into the kitchen to fetch myself one. When I was in there I looked out the window because some movement caught my eye. A pile of robins were in my jungle of a backyard eating worms, bugs and berries. One of them may have even been the headbanging robin that repeatedly smashed his head into the back window this past spring.

Whack. Whack. Whack.

A couple of the robins looked at me looking at them through the window. Robins do that. They look at you looking at them every time they stop for a good feed on their way north or south.

Robins would not ship raw logs to the fucking Chinese. Robins would not give me notice my sawmill is closing. Robins are too fucking cool for that. 

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