5 August 2011

Rabbit On the Road

There are wild rabbits most everywhere in Dope City. Wild. Not the ones people let go from their hutches once their children have grown bored of them. They are just about deer coloured and survive against all odds in the smallest of green spaces left behind as we humans strive to reach our goal of occupying every last bit of space on our motherfucked planet.

One who had been hiding in some strip mall shrubs darted out into traffic this morning. He made it a lane and a half before he figured he was going to be killed. He braked, nothing brakes faster than a rabbit, I slowed down and so did the guy beside me as the rabbit scooted back to the safety of the strip mall.

The only things I like killing is time at the sawmill and the HST.


ib said...

Is that one of those 'Rabbit' vibrators poking in there, right of shot ? I would probably not be able to distinguish a rabbit vibrator from piece of pink plastic. But I am curious.

In fact, I was hoping there might be some prize for pinpointing the foreplay. I guess not.

I am not one for wholesale slaughter either, though I make an exception for houseflies.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Let's hope not. Looks like a finger. In any case, what this lass needs is a bucket, not a vibrator, no matter how rabbity.

uniplmr1 said...

I think that is one of my sweet little nieces. One time I saw her sitting on the trail down to the house,laughing and making other happy sounds. When I got to her I saw the object(s) of her amusement were many little frogs, she was tearing their legs off and putting them in a soup can where they drowned because they could not swim anymore. I did'nt ask why because I already knew.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Could be one of my nieces too. They don't make nieces like they used to.