4 August 2011

Girl From the Interior

One of my neighbours, a grandparent like so many of us old motherfucking hippies, was at the park with her dog and her granddaughter. The Hammer fell for the girl pretty quick. Teenagers are the people most like dogs. They eat shit, smell, will not stay in their yard and ought to be licensed.

Girl was from the interior. Up 69 Mile House way. Smart. I asked her something and she babbled back at me for a bit. Told her, "I sure do like that town you're from."

She smiled, and without looking at her grandmother first, told me, "I can't fucking wait to get the fuck out of there."

Now her grandmother was smiling. "You don't mean that," she told her granddaughter, her granddaughter who was never forced to swallow a tablespoon or two of dish soap in her life. "It's lovely up in 69 Mile."

"Lovely from a fucking distance maybe. Maybe that's why they called it 69 Mile. You had to be 69 miles away for it to look good."

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