9 August 2011


Got together with a man I had not seen in a decade on the weekend. Working out of province he was. Picked himself up an old dear while he was away. An out of province woman. Carried herself like she was born in the Yukon and had herself a Yukon vocabulary to boot but she was an Alberta girl, by the name of Stephanie. Most everybody knows her as Steve.

My old friend looked like he had spent every penny he had earned in the last decade on coke and whisky. He was thin, thin as a fuse. He is fitting in just fine now that he is back in Dope City.

I asked him, because I am ever hopeful of people and their fate, if he had dropped his love of the Canucks while he was away. "No fucking way!" he answered right away. "Canucks all the way forever. You never know, they might just get back into the final again in the next few years."

"I was there, you know, at the riot," he grinned. "Threw some bottles at the big tv screen. Next thing I knew all Hell broke loose. Good thing the old lady had tickets to see Wicked. We rode out the riot sipping gin and tonics at the QE bar."

He is fully expecting to be part of the Parade of Evil once the cops get their investigating done. Motherfucking cameras. The police have not contacted him yet though and he sure as fuck is not turning himself in.

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uniplmr1 said...

If the riots don't work out up there, maybe he could come down here and bonk a few congress members with empty gin bottles. I'll drive.