7 July 2011

Probably the Last You Will Hear About KISS For A While

Listened to the bonus cd of KISS Klassics from the "Sonic Boom" package on the way to work today. There are a couple '80s sounding tracks I could live without. Anything that reminds me, even remotely, of Bryan Adams or Jon Bon Jovi has a tendency to send me on a murderous rampage. Everything else is as untouchable as the Beach Boys. Good clean American metal goodness.

"Sonic Boom" itself I saved for the drive home, after the sawmill had eroded the good mood I had brought to work to a pile of fragrant dust. Just the sort of stuff, if you played it at a party you did not invite your Toby Keith listening friends to, would get people asking, "Who the fuck is this?" as it spun anonymously around the cd player.

Played it again when I got home on the big stereo, the one the neighbours listen to. Sonja says Gene's bass still makes her think the sort of dirty stuff she was thinking about all the time when KISS were the motherfucking Who of our generation.

I tip my hat to the masters, live or recorded.

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Nazz Nomad said...

Kiss are eternal, like Professional Wrestling and Old Man Bars.
I took Nazz jr to his first KISS concert last summer . It was a right of passage.