8 July 2011

Midnight In Paris

Having heard Woody Allen's "Midnight In Paris" was his best film in years, Sonja and I drove to the Colossus to go see it. It had opened in just a couple of movie houses in Dope City we would have never gone to. We do not think twice about driving great distances to do shit, that, traditionally, is what Canadians have been doing ever since we got tanks to fill up with gas but driving fifty miles to see a movie seems just plain stupid. It is not like we are living on a farm fifty miles away from Hamiota, Manitoba.

We had never been to the Colossus before. Driving twenty miles to see a film seems pretty fucking dumb too. Lucky for us we are getting a new modern movie house built fucking near next door to us. 

What a great movie. Looked great, sounded great, like all Woody's shit does. Owen Wilson is brilliant replacing Woody in the film. Lots of pretty women that will send a shivver through your junk. Best film I have seen since "Bloodied But Unbowed" was broadcast on the Knowledge Network. Cannot remember the last good movie Sonja dragged me out of my motherfucking coccoon to see.

Sure was glad I read Hemingway's "A Moveable Feast" last summer. That probably made the the movie even better. All the characters, and then some, from that novel make an appearance. If you are not up to date on your Hemingway, read the book after you see the movie.

On the way out of the theatre I stopped for a much needed piss. On my way out an usher asked me, "How was it?" I assumed he was talking about the movie. I told him, "It was fucking excellent!" and went on about the movie for a bit. Then the usher said, "Not the movie. The KISS concert." I was wearing my KISS hoodie. I am in the motherfucking KISS Army now. Have to remember that when I am in uniform.

It has been a good couple weeks for entertainment for Sonja and I. Great KISS show, good horse racing, great outdoor summer DOA show and a brilliant Woody Allen movie. I think it was his best movie ever. Don't miss it.

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uniplmr1 said...

I'm going to go see it. Allens movie, probably not KISS, who I have largely ignored so far. I guess I better listen to them again, maybe I missed something.