9 July 2011

An Appointment With My Doctor

Left work early today. Had an appointment. With my doctor. He was taking the afternoon off to go to the track too.

The races were scheduled to begin at 3:20 today to give the fans of our much loved Canadian Football League team an opportunity to guzzle beer with my doctor and I for three or four hours before heading to the football stadium next door.

I was early for my appointment with my doctor so I decided to go to the Slocan Restaurant for lunch before going to the track. Had not been in the place for about thirty years. For some reason I have always associated the place with cold rainy days. Good coffee and steamy windows. Waitresses that smelled good. It was not rainy today though. From now on I will associate the Slocan with fucking near perfect sunny days.

I ordered a cold bottle of riot starter and the half chicken special. $9.95. For the chicken. Came with a fist sized baked potato, pile of peaches and cream corn, a puck sized slice of tomato garnished with parsley and a big white bun. And a salad to start. The chicken was rubbed in Italian spices and was very tasty. Did not notice how much my beer was. I just drink the shit.

My waitress was pretty. Smelled good too. Like pie. Had a pendant keeping warm beween her breasts. She asked me three times, "You want another beer?" before my glass was half empty. I tipped her nice. She had a smile like it was 1975.

I heard Patti Smith's "Dancing Barefoot" on the stereo.

When I walked into the sunshine out back of the place I could hardly fucking move. Think I will start going there before the races more often.

Bet four races. Only right once. I lost a little.

After a while a lot of Lions fans showed up. They were polite. I think Dope City sports fans are on their best behaviour for some reason. It will not last.

Spotted a good looking gal in a red KISS t-shirt and red Converse All Stars having beer and sandwiches with her guy. I said, "Nice shirt." She said, "Nice hoodie." Both our love guns went off. I think I am liking being a Knight In Satan's Service.

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