17 June 2011

Underwear Anarchists

The fucking police, natch, are doing their best to blame Anarchists for last night's chaos in the aftermath of the Canucks' loss, dare I say shitkicking, at the chewed up hands of the Bruins. Once upon a time it was the wicked witch of the west they would point their crooked finger at. Now every time a crowd goes awry, the Anarchists, those sneaky motherfucking Anarchists, get to carry the can for the lack of order their own considerable police powers can bring to bear on a 100,000 drunken Canuck fans.

If there were that many Anarchists around here there would not be a chief of police to lie to us like that.

Do not buy it. Us Anarchists were all at home sitting on the couch, with an ice cold beer, in our dirty underwear watching the game. Those of us who were not secretly planning the Grey Cup Riot, that is.

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