18 June 2011

It Was Not Us

I hear one of the first young men to be arrested for their gleeful participation in the Canuck Loser Riot is the son of a wealthy couple from the suburb of Maple Ditch. Apparently he was the motherfucker seen lighting a cop car on fire.

Sound like an Anarchist to you?

From what I saw the cops handled the riot pretty well, aside from not taking the recommendations that resulted from Dope City's last hockey riot. It would not have taken much effort on their part to turn the thing into one of the best running riots ever. That said, however, I think Dope City's chief of police, and a few other high powered people who do not know what they are talking about, owe the Anarchists of the world a fucking apology.


mollymew said...

I'll be holding my breath Beer.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

So far all that has been admitted is that neither Anarchists nor people with a criminal record have thus far been arrested.