10 June 2011


I have been struggling with something. Something of philosophical importance. It goes back to the non-horse eaters of the world getting pissed off at the Top Chef Canada television show sizzling up some horse meat on their show.

Would I, or wouldn't I, eat a fucking horse?

I have yet to knowingly eat horse meat but some unscrupulous Chinese cookie probably served me up some. I bet it was good.

I hear it is very similar to bison, which I love. Eat it all the time.

I guess I would eat it. What the Hell.

Then again, if I was in fucking Korea I would eat dog too. Every day.

I am a Canadian. I can eat fingers. I can do whatever the fuck I want.

1 comment:

Henri said...

"eat a fucking horse?"
Come on "Mr beer nuts + hockey" let him finish having his jollies before you eat him.