8 June 2011


When the Hammer gently eases me into my life of motherfucking work before my alarm is set to do so, after I have let her out the door, I turn on the radio and listen to the final segments of George Norrie's overnight show. The show has it all: ghosts, UFOs, devils, conspiracies, people who believe the Canucks are going to win the Stanley Cup, all that shit.

Slade got right many years ago. Mama, we're all crazy now.


Nazz Nomad said...

Here in the States... Le Canucks are being vilified for poor sportsmanship (ie- biting, concussing and having really lame uniforms- is that a dolphin breaking thru ice? christ what the fuck ever happened to the yellow ones with the cascading "v"?)

pussy ass nmotherfucker;s whining about biting???????? and that takedown of that Bruin asshole wasn't even that bad-

all I can say is that if you fuckers blow this series to the pussy fuck BAHSTAN Bruins, you should stop calling Hockey your national sport.

it's bad enuff here in the states they show the stanley cup on a lame "off" station - restore sanity!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Don't forget - Le Canucks are the Chicago Cubs of hockey. The last year Vanouver won the Stanley Cup was 1915 when the city's team was known as Le Millionaires. Those motherfuckers would not have nibbled your fingers if you pissed them off, they would have chewed off your fucking arm.