31 May 2011

How the Bruins Might Beat the Canucks

Here we are Dope City hockey fans: on the icy precipice of Stanley Cup history. It has only happened twice before, when the fucking Canucks almost gave us the opportunity to say, "Fuck you Leaf fans! Fuck you Hab motherfuckers! Fuck you all!" The Canucks fell off the precipice on their first two tries and deep down inside you all fear it will happen again. Just do not forget - fear is a man's best friend.

Favoured though the Canucks may be, everybody knows exactly how the Boston Bruins can win: all they have to do is play like the Black Hawks did last year. Why do you think the Bruins were experimenting with Chara in front of the net on their power plays late in the Tampa series? Motherfuckers were looking ahead to a Stanley Cup final against the Canucks. The move did not pan out against Tampa but it just might against the Canucks.

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