30 May 2011

Chatting With Anne Murray

For a long time now I have been meaning to join Anne Murray for a chat. You can do that sort of shit now because of the internet. She is available to her fans about once a month at her website. I had checked into her site on Saturday and noticed she was to be chatting with her fans, both devoted and deranged, on Sunday. I made a note of the time and stuck it to my computer screen so I would not forget.

After that I got into a bottle of 12 year old Aberfeldy I had bought in Mexico a few years ago. As I drank the whisky, it is still too cold around here to enjoy a beer the way you are supposed to, I looked over the Daily Racing Form in anticipation of the Sunday afternon races at Dope City Downs. Turns out there is a horse named Aberfeldie racing in the 5th. That is one of those coincidences that drive serious horse players mad. We do not bet such coincidences because the coincidence which is next up is losing your money on the bet you foolishly made.

This morning, at the appointed time I went to Anne's site and clicked the Chatroom button. No one was home. I thought maybe she was still out on the golf course near her Florida home giving Tiger Woods advice on how to still perform when the years start catching up to you.

I checked back several times after that. No Anne. Guess the only chatting Anne did today was with Tiger. Hope she taught him a thing or two, on the course, or off it.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Contrary to my own expectations, Aberfeldie won, paying $5.60 to win.

istvan said...

Anne is a pretty good looking old girl.