3 February 2011

Individualist or Communist

The philosophical underpinnings of most parties, especially political parties, tend to be cast in iron. Political parties are for this and against that and that positioning gives people an idea of who they will vote for or against. The Liberals of my grand province will soon decide whether or not they will abandon one long held bit of their party philosophy shortly before their upcoming leadership convention: they are going to decide to if the principle of one member/one vote will continue to be a defining principle which governs their party.

What it sounds like they are planning to do is give each constituency in the province an equal number of votes to choose their leader with. This would be a huge shift because to do so will be to change an individualistic philosophy to a Communist one. i.e. The constituencies which need more power will be given it by those constituencies which have too much.

Why might they do this? They will do it because the people from the regions do not want their new leader chosen by the block voting patterns favoured by new immigrants who are centred in and near Dope City. I talked to an old friend who is active in Liberal politics in the Interior. "We don't want the fucking Hindoos deciding everything for us down there," is how he put it.


uniplmr1 said...

See, down here they move congressional district lines around so they can load up the legislature with cracker asses or the other asses. We all end up fucked, either way. You'll get used to it. Just wait until they "give" you the right to an electoral college, that one will really move you..What civilization am I going to show my kid if BC sinks goddamnit?

Anonymous said...

Great photo of the "mudders".When I was a kid I walked 'hots'at the track,there were some horses that broke down,they were injected with something by a vet, then dragged by the neck into a truck. I think the Hammer might go for this system.Horse racing may be fun to watch but it is not clean. S

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

If we did not have horse races to bet on we would bet on dog fights or worse.