2 February 2011

Day Off

Took the day off,
I have but one life to live,
Spent it in Dope City.
Everywhere I went news
About Egypt was on television.
There were lots of people talking
About what they knew very little about.
"The sheep are out of fucking control,"
They baaa'd in unison.
I did not have my dog with me
So nobody spoke with me.
It was ok. I bought Neil Young's
New record and two CDs worth
Of Nazareth's greatest hits.
Cost me twenty bucks.
Maybe tomorrow I will take to
The streets demanding the
Overthrow of the motherfucking government.


Nazz Nomad said...

Just wanted to say that lately, your writing has been extra fucking great.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Thanks Nazzy. Could be it is because I write more, as most Canadians do, in the darkest, coldest, most shitfaced months of the year.