5 February 2011


I was waiting. I hate waiting. I had lots of company. We sat there and waited.

An old dear struck up a conversation with a young mother who was waiting with us with her year old baby. Turned out she was a single mom who had been in a violent car crash a few years back. Got busted up pretty good.

"The ambulance took me straight to our bush hospital. They couldn't do anything for me so they called a helicopter to take me into the big hospital in Dope City. When I got there they couldn't do anything for me either. It looked like I might have to be flown up to Garlic City to get operated on. That was when my family started praying for me. They prayed and prayed and prayed I wouldn't have to go to Alberta. Finally, after they had prayed all night long, a spot opened up for me in Dope City and the doctors fixed me up."

I live in quite the city. I am surrounded by people who believe God will not save your sorry ass if you are going straight to Hell but if you pray hard enough he will save you from having to go to motherfucking Alberta.


Jon said...

R gawd is a aw sum gawd.

theo said...

A lot of Albertans feel that way about our hospitals too.

wv: padslap

luv it

uniplmr1 said...

This Wednsday everyone pray I hit the lottery, and I will too.. Thank You All Very Much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Beer,

Enjoying your posts after being away for awhile...


ib said...

Maybe I better stop praying too. For whatever passes for a green card north of the promised land.