31 December 2010

We Still Think of You

I was cleaning up some old papers when I heard it fall to the floor. An old Christmas card, mislaid many winters ago, lay there, sparkly baby Jesus side up, like some sort of Christmas miracle not quite profound enough to get on Canadian television. Inside, the words, "May the Joy and Peace of Christmas always be with you," and a hand written seasonal message. "This probably won't reach you till New Year, but I hope you had/have a good motherfucking time. My lengthy boring letter to you is nothing near finished ... I'll send bits of it out soon ... The Queen will be dead before I ever get it done ... I don't know my plans yet but I hope to see you soon."

Keep off the needle,


P.S. This card is also for Axel, Stan and Jimi. We still think of you and puke!

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