30 December 2010

Red Mittens and Getting Drunk

Today's edition of the Tyee (see sidebar), features an article in which Geoff D'Auria maintains the construction of a high-speed cross-Canada train would make us proud of our future in a way "...far deeper and more rewarding than wearing red mittens and getting drunk on Granville Street."

I do not think so Geoff and you do not have to be so god damned snide towards those of us who like to get dressed up and blow our brains out with a little liquor when there is a party going on. Wearing red mittens and getting drunk on Granville is obviously something Geoff has never done, or at least never done right, or he would not write such rubbish. Put on some red mittens and get drunk on Granville on Friday night. You will feel differently about things then.

Pride in Canada is more closely associated with mittens and booze than you know. It has always been thus. Fuck your high speed train. Buy a motorcycle if you want to travel across Canada fast without getting in an airplane. And do not forget to pack your red mittens and some rye before you go.

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